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Signa (Firenze)

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A first room at the entrance with wooden elements skillfully combined with the Medici stone floor and a large wrought iron chandelier, where, through a small window dedicated to fresh homemade pasta and seasonal vegetables, you can see the kitchen and historical chef at work. The open kitchen and the large charcoal grill, a rarity for the city’s restaurants, are along the way to a small internal “courtyard”, where tradition and modernity coexist in an open cellar – a collection of historic labels together with contemporary wines from small wineries that are not well-known on the market, but of high quality..

…the “House”, the restaurant’s central room, where the walls are home to a collection of Florentine paintings, together with a collection of ceramic plates; and the “Private Room”, separated by an elegant glass door, ideal for intimate dinners..

Our rooms exude that special, unmistakable air of home.

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